Aww snap! The postcard for my book!
Photo from my book release party. Taken by Anya Garrett.
Another one from the party for the release of The New Rules for Blondes. April 2013. Photo by Anya Garrett.
My first ever headshot. Super low-budget.  Do I look surprised and/or angry?  I was.
With host Anna Phillips after headlining the Syracuse Funny Bone. March 2014.
Boston Comedy Festival, November 2013.
Performing on See You In Hell at The Creek in Long Island City, 2012.
Telling a story on the Soundtrack Series in NYC. I'm a delicate flower.
Brooklyn Book Festival show at Union Hall. September 2013.
Got some love from the Boston Globe in November 2013.
Performing at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. Fantastic club.
Time Out NY made me joke of the week!
In good company!
Performing in the Boston Comedy Festival, 2007.
With Dave Moroz at the Detroit Comedy Festival, March 2009.
Yes, that actually reads: Selena Coppock / Unlucky In Love and yes, it's on national television. I should probably be more embarrassed by this than I am.
New Years Eve with a bunch of my fellow Sex & the City tour guides.
Performing at Mottley's Comedy Club in Boston.
With Constantine Maroulis from American Idol & Rock of Ages. The only man on Earth who is as obsessed with his hair as I am with mine. We could have made magic...
About to perform at Coldtowne Theater, Austin TX.
With brilliant comedians Leah Dubie and Danny Leary after a show at the Ice Palace, Fire Island, June 2010.
In 2000, I took a vacation and toured the Sahara Desert.  No biggie... just saying I'M RICH.